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Need to quickly access data for your non-security stakeholders? Quill breaks down an organization's vulnerabilities room by room based on a library of ample threats.

Planning a security project? Quill breaks down the return on investment in easy-to-assess data to drive the strategic and tactical implementation.

Scott M. Majchszak
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As we are currently witnessing in 2020, preparedness and resilience are business enablers.  “Set it and forget it” security is no longer remotely acceptable.  Your risks change every day and if you risk assessment isn’t changing too then you are providing outdated strategic advice to your organization.

Assessment templates rarely take into account the specific nature of your organization such as facility floor plans, operational criticality and incident history.  We’ve found these are some of the most impactful aspects to consider when evaluating risk.

Quill can establish a baseline for a facility in less than 60 minutes.  Typical implementations including custom floorplans take between 4-12 hours of work.  From there your risk picture can been kept current with a few minutes of attention per week.

Quill’s security measure library is build directly on the “Prevent, Deter, Detect, Respond” paradigm.  We maintain and update our library in consultation with experts in the field.

There are many other companies providing stoplighting (“high, medium, low”) templates.  The only other way to get the detailed, customized insight Quill provides is to generate the analysis yourself or to pay consultant rates to get it.  Without the Quill Engine, using excel to evaluate risk to this detail would take years for a single facility.

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