Simple Risk Management for Physical Security

Set your assessment process straight by starting with Quill for 2 sites or 2000.

Inspired to Cultivate Proactively Safer Communities

These communities are not just our clients, but our client’s clients, their partners and coworkers, members of the public and anyone else who lives or works in the spaces we help protect.

Quill was founded in 2018 and has been independently owned and operated since inception. The only people we answer to are our clients.


Managing risk is complicated, but risk assessments doesn’t have to be.

Quill guides you through the basics (Assets, Threats, Capabilities) and automates the rest (Reports & Visualizations, Planning and Recommendations, Budget Management).

Quill Basic

You will generate stunning, visual reports in a snap using the Quill Risk Engine to generate Quill Scores and Security Maturity ratings for each site. With Quill Basic you will:

  • Assess Threats and Capabilities on your own schedule.
  • Manage site criticality with people, property inventories.
  • Run “what-if” scenarios for events and changing conditions.

Quill Advanced

Security efficacy depends on more than capabilities. Quill’s physical security risk analysis software puts your program in context by:

  • Evaluating cost efficacy for your guards, cameras & policies.
  • Pathfinding across your floor plans to find gaps and choke points.
  • Generating predictive recommendations.


“Need to quickly access data for your non-security stakeholders? Quill breaks down an organization’s vulnerabilities room by room based on a library of ample threats.

Planning a security project? Quill breaks down the return on investment in easy-to-assess data to drive the strategic and tactical implementation.”

Scott M. Majchszak

“Our partnership with Quill Security has greatly benefited our program and I look forward to how we will further implement this software.”

Zach Hill


With Quill, assessing physical security risk is simpler and clearer than ever.  We’re here to support you the entire way, with risk assessment software and solutions designed for industry professionals, by professionals. 

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