A New Way to Navigate Security Risk.

Plan Better

  • See the risk weighted cost of any potential improvement.
  • Adapt your plan on the fly as conditions change.

Act Faster

  • Map the best path to better security
  • Thousands of real-time recommendations

Whether you want to spend more or spend less, Quill let's you spend best.

What are people saying about Quill?

"Quill Risk Maps are a complete game changer"

Comprehensive SRAs are expensive and many organizations cannot adhere to the recommended 4 year schedule. With Quill you can eliminate the gaps between assessments completely and stay up to date on your risk and vulnerability visibility.

Security is an expensive problem to solve, but it is immensely expensive to leave unsolved.  Failing to plan can create compounding negative effects on your budget and reputation that can take years to work off.

Each measure is accompanied by a cookbook checklist that will walk you through all the steps to finding vendors, obtaining quotes, evaluating design specs, monitoring implementation, and reassessing instantly after go-live.  

Quill provides guidance informed by real-time data.

A Risk Map is the next evolution of risk assessments.  Rather than providing a static snapshot in time, risk maps stay up-to-date and remain relevant as your organization makes improvements.  Learn more here.

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