Security Risk: Assessed.

Physical Security Risk: Continuously.


Quill offers a transformative approach to Security Risk Assessment and Planning for public entities by constructing a digital model of your organization.

Digitize Your Security Model

  • An unlimited number of facilities
  • Asset configuration templates
  • Over 200 threats in pre-built threat profiles
  • Thousands of different security measures
  • What-if scenario modeling
  • Create and store a history of security changes over time
  • Sophisticated, budget-aware security update planning

Empathy, Data, and Resiliency

Learning from GFOA’s Leading Resilient Communities Conference by Lindsay Woolward, Founder & President I recently spent two days at the Leading Resilient Communities conference hosted

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Quill Sets the Bar for Security Management

Measure Recommendations

Quill uses real-time analysis to make effective measure recommendations based on the current state of your facility’s security, day to day and year to year.

Knowledge Base

By using Quill you will create a stored repository for institutional security knowledge to quickly retain and disseminate critical intel to new and existing team members.

Implementation Guides

Each security measure recommendation is accompanied by an implementation guide so you can quickly take the next steps necessary to reduce your risk.

Budget Planning

Measures can be compared by absolute effectiveness or cost by entering vendor implementation and operation costs quotes.

Real-Time Analytics

Quill utilizes an always-on analysis engine that is capable of staying up to date with changes in your security technology and threat profiles.

Getting Started

Build out your organization in our Quill introductory offer today and plan to add a comprehensive assessment when you are ready.

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Frequently asked questions

Comprehensive SRAs are expensive and many organizations cannot adhere to the recommended 4 year schedule. With Quill you can eliminate the gaps between assessments completely and stay up to date on your risk and vulnerability visibility.

Security is an expensive problem to solve, but it is immensely expensive to leave unsolved.  Failing to plan can create compounding negative effects on your budget and reputation that can take years to work off.

Each measure is accompanied by a cookbook checklist that will walk you through all the steps to finding vendors, obtaining quotes, evaluating design specs, monitoring implementation, and reassessing instantly after go-live.  

Quill provides guidance informed by real-time data.

Most local governments do not have dedicated security departments that oversee all facilities.  By empowering your facility managers and organization planners with QUILL you will have the information and expertise needed to make informed security decisions at any level.

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