Welcome to the new face of Quill

Welcome to the new face of Quill

If you visited our old site, you know it was past due for an update. We had spent the last year learning from experts and refining our mission, but our website didn’t reflect the new and exciting changes happening behind the scenes. With this new design, we’ve created a website that better reflects the transformative experience we offer to clients old and new.

As we built this website, we had one major goal in mind: Offer a better experience to you, our clients. We created Quill to illuminate the complex landscape of physical security in public institutions. Your time is precious, so we’ve worked to create an online experience that is straightforward and easy-to-use.

We launched the new quillsecurity.com which features exciting new developments in our solution and services.  You will find in-depth resources to aid in your facility security management and planning. On our new website, we’ve updated/launched:

Product Demos and Walk-throughs 

As the first physical security analysis and planning tool that can run persistent, adaptive security assessments, Quill can quickly connect facility managers and community leaders with the data to support optimized physical security.  What gets measured gets done.  Click here to get your first look at Quill.

Quill Articles

As you can see by this post, we are now offering a blog with regular posts about public security management, industry developments, Quill platform updates, and tips for improving your own operations. We will also be posting white papers, data sheets, product tutorials, and additional resources for your use and benefit, so stay tuned.

Website Content

As mentioned above, we’ve completely revamped our website to offer more information about our company, solution, services, and goals. You can now view comprehensive information about each of our services and learn more about our company values. We’ve worked hard to create helpful content that respects your time, so take a look through these pages using the menu above.

We’re excited for this new stage in Quill’s journey and we hope you are, too. Take a look around, let us know what you think, and look for more transformative innovations in the months to come.

This is only the beginning.