Smart Security & Smart Cities

Smart Security & Smart Cities

On Friday, October 11th, 2019, Quill President Lindsay Woolward moderated the Safety, Security and Privacy panel for the Smart Cities track at Twin Cities Startup Week. Organized by Cytilife founder Sabina Saksena, the Smart Cities track focused on the ways that internet-connected devices and applications are revolutionizing the way services are provided to communities.

The Safety, Security and Privacy panel focused on how data-enabled services can improve city life in ways “dumb devices cannot”.  Panelists spent time identifying the vulnerabilities and privacy issues inherent in IoT deployments, and giving the audience concrete strategies to understand and evaluate whether the benefits are worth the costs and the risk.

Joining Lindsay on the panel were Adam Stone, VP & CPO of Secure Digital Solutions for Secure Digital Solutions; Jason Barnett, President/CEO/Founder of Flarean; Dr. Muhammad Adburrahman, Founder of Clutch; Zach Hill, Director of Safety, Security, and Risk Management for Bethel University; and Toni Chippetta, President of CHIPS Computer Services.

The conversation was illuminating, and laid down a clear path for anyone considering deploying IoT solutions in their organizations:

  1. Identify and define a PROBLEM you want to solve.
  2. Identify a range of possible SOLUTIONS to the problem, including technological and non-technological ones, for efficacy in addressing the problem.
  3. Evaluate the COSTS and RISKS of deploying a given solution, including the necessary investments in policy, training, infrastructure, and marketing to get buy-in from you community.
  4. Make a sober ASSESSMENT: will this solution solve the problem in a way that is worth the inherent costs?
  5. Build INFRASTRUCTURE, including concrete policies to protect privacy and handle data ethically, secure networks to protect data in transit, and sufficient IT maintenance support to monitor and maintain device security.
  6. INTEGRATE the solution with the rest of the services you provide.

By acknowledging, understanding, and proactively addressing privacy, information security, device security, and device lifecycle concerns, your city, campus, or company will be building services on a solid security foundation.

The bottom line is that the technology we buy should make our organizations stronger, should solve real problems we face, and shouldn’t expose us to new risks. Quill was proud to guide the discussion, as well as to guide our partners to the right solutions to the problems they face.