Release Notes v1.1.3

Release Notes v1.1.3

Planning better Security just got Easier

We’ve been hard at work building the next generation of risk assessments: the Risk Map.   Our latest update was a big one and we’re excited to show you the new features- you’re gonna like them.

If you’d like to see the new features up close schedule a demo with us today:

More Data, More Control

Knowledge is half the battle, we get it.  That’s why we’ve added more detail to your Facilities to help increase your understanding of Risk and its relationship to your Assets.  We’ve also added the control to manage your Asset’s values, allowing you to adjust the model as needed to reflect your Organization’s understanding more accurately.

Streamlining Navigation

Nobody knows your Facilities better than you, that’s why we’ve taken your feedback and streamlined Location navigation to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for.  Sort your locations by their weight of Risk, or filter by Assets in a location or the type of Location (such as Office, Gymnasium, etc.).

Visualize Your Organization's Risk Range

You’ve got several Facilities, but how do they relate to eachother in terms of Risk?  Are there any outliers?  How do you convey that information to Stakeholders?  We’ve taken Quill’s KPI (read more about Quill Score here) and given you easy to understand metrics on how your Organization as a whole is impacted by Risk.

Organize. Plan. Budget.

We’ve introduced new Planning tools that help you do what you do best- make your Organization safer. Build complex budgets based off allocations for general initiatives or for specific items.

Take advantage of our simple to use Project Implementation Board to manage ideas, and costs, and implement your choices into your Facility’s Risk Model using the highly efficient Kanban framework.

We're Just Getting Started

There’s a lot to show, and we have even more exciting changes and improvements coming. Don’t get left behind in the ever changing Security Technology landscape. Schedule a Demo to check out these new features and learn how you can augment your ability to build better, stronger security!