Adapting Security in the time of Pandemic

Adapting Security in the time of Pandemic

COVID-19 is a Wake Up Call

With COVID-19 rewriting operating protocol for everyone from elementary schools to state governments, lots of organizations have gotten a wake-up call: access control and security must rapidly pivot in response to unforeseen circumstances. Organizations with the right tools in-place can do this easily. Everyone else is left in the lurch.

Many people are feeling helpless, overwhelmed, or out of their depths. Can maintaining a closed environment really be my job? How do we continue operating when most people have to remain home? How do we determine who is essential?

Case Study: Campus Lock Down

Quill was on-site with a community college in Iowa when the directive came down that the campus was going to be closed. Fortunately, we had already gathered enough data to be able to address three key questions:

  • What security assets are already in place?
  • How can they be used to secure a traditionally open environment?
  • How great a risk does unauthorized access pose to a closed campus?

By leveraging a comprehensive risk model, our partners in the IT and Security offices were able to address leadership directives immediately, changing their access control system to facilitate restricted movement, and making emergency funding requests for additional card reader deployments so that emergency operations could continue while facilitating a closed campus.

They didn’t have to improvise, and they didn’t have to scramble, because they already had the tools they needed to make decisions quickly, articulate their needs, and adapt.

Quill's Answer to Rapidly Changing Conditions

Quill offers three distinct advantages when you are tasked with rapidly changing your Standard Operating Procedure:

  • pinpoint the entries which can be shut down to limit access.
  • highlight locations where a new badge reader will enable restricted access.
  • show the risk of an unauthorized access so leadership understands that there are concrete steps you must take to enact new operating directives.

Remote Assessments are Here

In order to make good plans, you have to have the right tools. Quill gives you the information you need, and we do it in a way that works within emergency operations: we can conduct data gathering with you remotely, turn around results within 24 hours, and walk you through how to use them.

Plus, with an updatable risk model, the work you do now to serve emergency operations can be updated when you return to normal operations.

Good Planning Requires Good Tools

Don’t settle for going it alone or for a one-and-done emergency consultation. Get a dynamic risk model to address your immediate needs, facilitate fast and effective communication with leadership, and bring enduring value to your company long after the crisis has passed.

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