See the Gaps in Your EOP before the Emergency

See the Gaps in Your EOP before the Emergency

Emergency Operations Are Being Put To The Test

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing conditions day by day for essential service providers.  Hospitals are rapidly expanding capacity.  Schools are moving towards lockdown while observing social distancing.  Retailers are restructuring inventory for e-commerce and curb-side pick-up.  And emergency operation plans are being written, implemented and adjusted at an accelerating pace.

Whether you’re updating an existing Business Continuity Plan or you’re creating your first one, you need to know three things:

  1. What operational assets do we need to account for?
  2. What kind of disruptions do we need to prepare for?
  3. Which assets can we afford to leave out of continuity planning?

If you don’t know what you’re preparing for, you’ll have a very hard time making an effective plan. If you don’t know what assets you need to account for, you won’t find holes in your plan until you need to use it. And finally, if you don’t make strategic choices about what to leave out, your plan will be cumbersome and unwieldy both to produce and deploy.

With Quill, you are covered on all three.  You’ll be able to build out a Risk Map for each emergency operational level to find gaps, consolidate resources and optimize your actions before it’s time to execute.curb

Step 1: Understand your Assets

Quill analysts consume your operational and asset data to establish the relative criticality of each asset.

Step 2: Understand your Threats

Quill analysts discuss your threat history and anything to which your organization is particularly sensitive, combining the specifics of your circumstance with the Quill threat database to evaluate threat.

Step 3: See and Understand your Risk

Within minutes, the Quill Risk Engine produces an easy-to understand breakdown of your total risk by Asset and by Threat.

Step 4: Make a Plan

Quill identifies the assets which bear the highest risk. We identify the threats most likely to disrupt your operations. With us, you make an effective plan to account for each asset in several event scenarios.

Step 5: Protect Yourself

Your business continuity plan is complete. You have done the heavy lifting to create a sustainable Security Management Program. You now have the Quill Risk Engine to put new security measures in place to reduce the risk of a security event disrupting operations.

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