About Us

We believe security professionals deserve easy access to their facilities’ risk data.  With Risk Maps in hand they can spend less time assessing risk and more time managing it. We created Quill Security Technology to bring data-backed decision making to the security field.

Quill was founded in 2017 by Lewis Werner and Lindsay Woolward to address the growing needs of accountability, efficacy, and accessibility in local government security consulting services. Quill was first developed as a record-keeping and analysis tool for security consultants to increase the depth and accuracy of their analysis while reducing the time spent drafting reports. It has grown into a comprehensive model for facility security risk.

Based out of Minneapolis, MN, Quill is committed to reducing bias in security decision making by creating next generation technology for physical security planning and management.

The Quill Team

Lewis Werner

Founder - Lewis has maintained and sold enterprise cloud products for companies like SPS Commerce, Oracle and Aera Technology.

Lindsay Woolward

Founder - Lindsay has years of experience as a Security Consultant working for cities, counties, school districts and universities across the US.

Dustin Saunders

Founder - Dustin has years of IT architecture and full-stack development experience from his Directorship at IaaS companies.