Proportional Response: COVID-19 In Security Context

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Security On The Front Lines Of The Pandemic

Security teams everywhere are being forced to re-evaluate their priorities in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Operations are changing week by week and new emergency plans are being written and executed faster than ever. When resources are pulled from existing security programs to address this new and rising threat, how can security leaders make the case for proportionality?

The usual tools that help decision makers balance investment, risk and appetite are being abandoned. Many organizations are adopting a tiered return-to-work system without evaluating the risks and vulnerabilities of each tier’s presence.

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COVID-19 as a Threat

To aid in this effort Quill has included ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’ as a Threat in the Quill Threat Library. This threat will automatically target any People Type Assets in your facility risk map.

By incorporating Covid-19 Pandemic into your security world view you will be able to place it in context with other security threats still present in the environment.

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Mitigating Covid-19

Two Policy Measures have been added to the Quill Measure Library to help users design response strategies and plans for each tier of operations. Policy measures are mitigations that apply to the entire facility or organization. The Policy Measures added include:

  • Writing a Covid-19 Response Plan
  • Designating a Covid-19 Response Team
  • Training additional staff on the Covid-19 Response Plan
  • Temperature Screening
  • Symptom Screening
  • Contact Surveys

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Quill Security

Take Advantage of Floor Plan Mapping

Four Location Measures have been added to the Quill Measure Library. By making use of Quill’s native path-finding feature measures will be automatically recommended at the floor plan locations of greatest impact. Vulnerabilities become clear and supplies can be routed to the areas of highest need. The Location Measures added are:

  • Social Distancing Enforcement
  • Physical Barrier Installation
  • Hand Washing Protocols
  • PPE Glove Usage
  • PPE Mask Usage
  • Restricting Accessible Areas
  • Touchless Entry Points
  • Optimizing Foot Traffic
  • Disinfecting Frequently Touched Surfaces

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