Understanding Your Barriers To Better Security

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The Challenge of Clear Communication

“The biggest challenge I have is clearly communicating how our security programs and strategies affect the bottom line and bring value to the company as a whole. Company [Business Units] are always competing for resources. Finding effective ways to measure performance, communicate what we are doing, reflect how it benefits the company either in cost savings, risk avoidance or improved efficiencies is the key to unlocking additional resources or expanding programs.”

Security Barometer Results from the Security Executive Council

How can you transform your hypotheses about security improvements into fully approved and funded implementations?

If you’ve found the road to altering, expanding or adding risk-reducing measures blocked by the question of “What does this get us?”, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey by the Security Executive Council, nearly 70% of respondents identified “justifying the resources to improve security programs” as the primary barrier to approval. It’s not an unreasonable question; decision-makers are accountable to the ROI of the actions they endorse, and need to be able to understand the arguments for proposed changes. They need to understand the metrics of success.

Articulating Your Plan

We understand the challenge of articulating how a plan will protect an organization’s critical assets, be it at a single site or across multiple facilities. That’s why Quill’s introducing our set of Planning Tools. Quill’s algorithms use pathfinding and reduction values built by industry experts to provide you clarity without compromising on quality. Quill enables you to design plans that optimize protection of specific assets, reduce the measure of threat in manifold vectors, and maintain your proposed initiatives within the constraints of your budget. It furthermore allows you to “sandbox” your recommendations: to model the risk impact of implementing them in your facilities.

With Quill, you can scope your ideas and find the configuration of initiatives calculated to bring the biggest bang for your organization’s buck, thereby answering the persistent question of “What does this get us?” Calculations such as “Risk Reduction per Dollar” are no longer just wish-list items, but evidence-backed indicators you can use to justify your budget requests.

Don't Just Tell, Show!

You know security, and you know your organization’s vulnerabilities. With Quill, you can offer the evidence that lets stakeholders understand both the value of expanding your program and the consequences of trimming initiatives just to fit within allocated budgets.

“What does this get us? Don’t just tell them. Show them. Schedule a demo with us today to discover how to make what was a major barrier trivial.

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