What is your Quill Score?

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How do you quantify “good security”?

Safety and security professionals know this challenge well: You’ve got too few people to manage too many risks, across too many locations. Your aging equipment is in need of repair. And you’re expected to maintain a perfect record while your invisible wins go unacknowledged.

Come budget time, you go to the mat pushing through a major capital investment to get the training and equipment your team desperately needs.

Then comes the inevitable question from the budget committee: “What does your proposal actually get us?”

You know the answer is steeped in specialized security know-how. Bolstering statistics are buried deep in your last risk assessment (which is already 5 years old). Why isn’t there a simple way to communicate the value of security to the rest of the organization?

Why do we need another security scorecard?

Benchmarks, surveys, minimum standards, regulatory compliance.

Security KPIs have long suffered from the tradeoff between practical simplicity, and accurate relevance to unique conditions.

Forget communicating to the budget committee. How do you simply ensure that assessments across multiple facilities are calibrated, standardized, and unbiased?

That essential contradiction, between simplicity and relevance, has been resolved thanks to the introduction of the Risk Map. A Risk Maps is a persistent, dynamic model that tracks all the components of a risk assessment over time, in a single application. You can learn more about Risk Maps here.

For the first time it’s possible to rollup a single security KPI for an entire organization that responds to changes instantly, much like a credit score.

And just like a credit score helps make lending decisions, Quill Scores allow you to clearly communicate the merit of your proposal over another. Or, more commonly, over doing nothing at all.

Rapid decision making helps you do what you do best by cutting the time needed to put meaningful measures into place and improve your organization’s security.

So, what is a Quill Score?

Quill Security

A Quill Score is rollup that represents an organization’s overall exposure to Risk. Quill Scores are scaled in orders of magnitude (OOM) and are based off a total Criticality-Vulnerability-Threat (CVT) model.

Unlike other scorecards, the Quill Score takes into account:

  • the location of Assets inside of building.
  • the criticality and quantity of those Assets.
  • the likelihood of being targeted by Quill’s library of more than 200 threats.

Quill’s advanced algorithm is distinct in utilizing pathfinding AI on facility floorplans to determine the actual vulnerability for each Asset against each Threat. These raw CVT scores are then aggregated to give you the most powerful KPI you’ve had to understand your Organizational risk.

Quill Scores can range from 0 (no Assets or Risk) to 810. Because the scores are based off OOM, Quill Scores make it possible to compare diverse facilities with very different assets or levels of security sophistication using unbiased, data driven metrics.

At a glance, Quill Scores give you the power to understand your Organization’s complex risk profiles and develop laser-focused strategies to deliver the most impactful measures across your facilities.

How can you use Quill Scores?

CASE 1: Identify low performing facilities at a glance by comparing facility Quill Scores against your organizational average.

Quill Security

CASE 2: Evaluate the security efficacy of different plans by monitoring the Projected Quill Score Change on any plan in progress.

Quill Security

CASE 3: Plan for special events, temporary asset relocation, or suspended operations by editing any asset’s quantify or values to instantly get an updated Quill Score.

Quill Security

How can you get a Quill Score for your organization?

All it takes to get a preliminary Quill Score is a floor plan of your facility and a 1 hour interview.

If you are interested in seeing your organization’s Quill Score get in touch with us today and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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