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Security is hard.  Planning good security is even harder.  To do it alone you need to understand:

  • where you are vulnerable
  • what you have to lose
  • how you can protect yourself
  • when to take action
  • and why the cost is justified.

In a perfect world all of these would happen persistently and simultaneously.

Reality is different.  Merely determining your risk and vulnerability can be a lengthy and costly proposition.  Most local governments will work with consultants who come on-site to observe, interview, and survey.  Then months can pass before the actual analysis and report is delivered.  

After consultants leave is when the real work for local governments begin.  Reading and understanding the Risk Assessment report is essential to drafting and approving a security plan.  Plans rarely survive procurement, implementation and operation.  When security needs updating again, the whole process must be restarted.  

Security Planning with Consultants

That’s why Quill created a better way.  We believe that you should own the data about your facilities and you should be able to update it at any time.  We believe a living security plan that can flex and adapt to changing circumstances is the best way to secure your organization.  

When you sign up with Quill we will help you populate a dynamic digital model with all the security facts in your facilities.  Then as you navigate the planning and implementation phases you can continuously assess risk and model possibilities.

Security Planning with Quill

Quill is real-time and dynamic so the current state of security risk is always assessed

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