Quill knows Risk

Quantifying RISK and OPPORTUNITY is challenging for security departments and business leaders alike. It’s a constantly moving target dependent on business model, risk appetite and tolerance, local crime statistics, economic and political outlook, operational logistics, long-term goals, work-life culture, employee engagement. . . the list goes on and on.

Despite these changing conditions you must act to mitigate RISK and capitalize on OPPORTUNITY. Forgoing risk assessment is not an option.  Many organizations spend $100,000’s and months of effort to get a snapshot of risk only to have it sit on a shelf, unread and drifting further from reality every day.  This is simply not enough to drive informed action, let alone predict and protect against the manifold risks to your people and mission.

Risk = Threat + Impact + Vulnerability

Quill leverages the standard risk assessment methodology endorsed by ASIS to build a baseline risk picture.  This baseline takes mere hours to complete and is often enough to completely replace the templates and spreadsheets of the past.

Beyond baseline, each data source can be calibrated and automated to create a continuous insight into security risk that adapts to changing conditions and reflects your current reality whatever uncertainty may come.

Quill Security Public Wiki

Getting Started with Quill is Easy

Quill is the first automated risk assessment platform built specifically for physical security.  Getting started is simple, and Quill can grow with you as you add detail to your risk map.  

Quill supports:

  • Custom Floor Plans
  • 1000’s of Facilities under a single Organization
  • Custom Assets
  • Incident Impact Tracking
  • Security Maintenance Schedules
  • Intelligent Recommendations
You can see just how deep the Quill platform goes in the Quill Security Public Wiki.

Guided Use Case

Follow these click-through demos to see how Quill can help you assess, plan and take action.

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